A complete range of IT Equipment readily available for meeting the business needs for any duration, may it be for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Rental equipment could be hired for staff travelling oversea s, for zero capital expenditure budgets, projects, presentations, training courses, conferences, trade show, events or for any other office requirement which may be planned or may arises all of a sudden.

Why rental services for various benefits:

  • Ready Stock
  • Timely deliveries and services
  • Large Range of rental product
  • Huge quantity of equipment readily available at short notice
  • Renting allows a flexible approach and lets you plan your needs, hence ensuring you are with the technologies you require today without worrying about the cost of obsolescence & upgrades.
  • No needs to invest upfront rentals payment are comparatively smaller and spread as functional payments over longer periods.

This free your money which could be used for investments in other areas and develop the core functioning of the company. Currently, 80% of U.S. Businesses are use renting services as an alternative to capital spending.

Rental products:
Desktops: -
  • Techservers customized desktop
  • Branded Desktops
Laptops :-
  • Techservers customized desktop
  • Branded laptops
  • Techservers customized servers
  • Branded servers
Storage product
  • SAN
  • NAS
  • DAS
  • SDLT Drive
  • DAT drive
  • LTO tape Drive storages (LTO1,2,3,4,5,6)
Networking product
  • Router
  • Switches
Apple Product (On request)
Other IT equipment (On request)

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